Luxury Real Estate

What is “Luxury” Real Estate? This question will garner several different answers depending on whom you ask.

To me, Luxury Real Estate generally fits within the upper 10% of the market values within a given area. It also has features that make it ‘exceptional’, such as prime location, outstanding property size/features/landscaping, high-end interior finishes, or facilities that you won’t find in most homes like a fully equipped high-end gym or spa (for example). Any combination of these features (or even just one of them on their own) may bring a property into the ‘Luxury’ class.

I have experience in both buying and selling several properties considered Luxury homes within my region. Because of this experience, I understand the unique factors/considerations involved, and I am glad to guide my clients through all of it, at the clients’ own pace.

Whether your interest is in waterfront, large acreage, estate style development, or unique architecture builds, I can help ensure you get the best experience and have your interests protected from top to bottom!